Poseidon Marine Consultants Ltd. offers a comprehensive range of technical services to all marine and offshore sectors. Our scope of involvement may range from brief technical consultations to long term design or modification projects requiring several deliverables and extensive collaboration with industry personnel. These capabilities are listed below, grouped according to common projects our clients undertake.

New Vessel Construction

  • Technical assessments and design reviews
  • Outline/technical specifications
  • Concept/detailed design packages
  • Regulatory consultation and liaison
  • Supervision of new vessel construction

Vessel Modifications and Retrofits

  • Design and/or technical specification relating to planned vessel retrofits
  • Assistance with procurement of new equipment
  • Regulatory consultation and liaison
  • Refit supervision or management

Vessel Repairs and Renewals

  • Emergency response and surveying
  • Design and/or technical specification of unplanned repairs and/or renewals
  • Regulatory consultation and liaison
  • Refit supervision or management

Marine Loadouts and Transportation

  • Pre-loadout surveys and inspections
  • Assessments of stability and structural suitability
  • Design and specification of seasfastening and other cargo securing arrangements
  • Liaison with warranty surveyors at design and loadout stages
  • Logistical coordination and technical oversight at dockside loadouts

Stability and Hydrostatics

  • Stability assessments for new and existing vessels of all types and sizes
  • Lightships surveys and incline experiments
  • Full stability booklets in accordance with Transport Canada or Class requirements
  • Small craft stability in accordance with ISO 12217-1

Vessel Acquisition and Recertification

  • Pre-purchase vessel inspections
  • Transition of foreign vessels into Canadian registry
  • Entry of vessels into Class (Delegated Statutory Inspection Program)
  • Regulatory consultation and liaison
  • Listed services pertaining to vessel modifications

Coastal Heavy Civil Construction

  • Barges, sectional barges, floating work platforms, small craft, etc.
  • Assessment of stability, deck strength and payload
  • Detailed design for new barge construction
  • Calculation of tonnage and registration with Transport Canada.

Marine Surveying

  • Cargo surveys
  • Damage and loss
  • Condition and appraisal
  • On hire/off hire
  • Draft surveys
  • Marine insurance
  • P&I insurance

Other Services

  • Specification and manual writing
  • Fire and safety plans / as-fitted drawing updates
  • Expert witness
  • Tonnage measurement
  • Environmental Response Supervision